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Client: Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co., Ltd

Time: Under construction

Site Area: 74,616sqm 

GFA: 654,107sqm

Program: Office, retail, residential

Retail Mall GFA: amenities 115,807sqm

Building height: Less than 248,5m 

Scope of service: Full service architect, concept to construction service

In the area where the site is located, the valley stretches with the valley. The most unique feature on the site is the mountainous terrain with a height difference of more than 70 meters. For this reason, influenced by the continuity of the river and the sinking landform, the overall planning shape adopts soft curve elements, and the building conforms to the mountain and the river “flows”. The designed building is part of the terrain of the Nanming River, and the building is like the mountains that grew up in the valley towered into the sky.