Super Geometry Architects (SGA) is a Hong Kong based architectural design firm who believes that architecture is both science and art.

Focusing on efficiency and simplicity, SGA believes that delivering quality projects makes both social and commercial sense for our clients and ultimately the end users of the project.

SGA projects are under construction across China, including cities such as: Shenzhen, ChongQing, Guiyang and Zhuhai. From residential projects and retail malls to high-rise office towers and masterplans, all projects are defined by their efficiency and their timelessness irrespective of scale.

SGA is an office which provides a boutique, hands on service. Our size ensures all projects, regardless of size, are led by senior staff. This enables a team of enthusiastic talented designers to explore possibilities aimed at maximizing the potential of a client’s land assets.

Creativity underpinned by the clear understanding of commercial reality is what makes an SGA project successful.